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Swimming costume, togs (UK and Australia)
She can't go for a swim because she forgot her cossies :-(
by MonteZuma May 17, 2004
Humourous and sometimes disparaging nickname given to the Sydney suburb of Cabramatta. Cabramatta has a large Vietnamese population and many Vietnamese-owned restaurants and stores.
I tried sugar cane prawns at a restaurant in Vietnamatta. Not bad. Not bad at all.
by MonteZuma June 20, 2005
'Thanks For The Points'. Acronym used by posters at Yahoo! Answers.
Q. What is the meaning of life

A. No idea, but TFTP
by MonteZuma August 25, 2006
A term proudly used by some Dutch people to describe variations in topography across the Dutch landscape that are almost unnoticeable to everybody else.
Some people say that the area around Groningen is generally flat, but the region has many height differences.
by MonteZuma August 04, 2004
A New Zealand nickname for Australia.
Roger moved across the Ditch to West Island and spends his days sunbaking at Bondi.
by MonteZuma June 23, 2005
A large cup of cappuccino coffee.
I like a mugaccino in the morning.
by MonteZuma June 23, 2005
An abbreviation for Wireless Enhanced Broadband Internet. The name given to an internet service ultilising a wireless broadband modem provided by TIME broadband. The wireless broadband modem provided by many ISPs around the world is also known as a webbit because it looks something like a rabbit when the antenna is extended.
I tried to place my webbit near a window but I still can't get good reception!
by MonteZuma June 20, 2005

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