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Pronoun: "Charles" refers to only the world's greatest and sexiest Irishman. Sports the world's greatest smile; he's hot, hilarious, humble. Well known for his impish personality, he exudes mischief and fun at all times. He is the most giving person in the world; ready to listen at the drop of a hat whether it's midnight or 3 pm or go kick some serious ass when needed. He believes in the "3 F's": Faith, Family, and Finances. (You don't cross any of them... ) Is destined to either marry an Italian before 30 or join Mount Saint Mary's at 35. Once graduated from the country's greatest school (for those who don't know... that's UVA) he will be wreaking havoc on 6-7th graders having them prove infinity while he comes up with a new number system and re-structures relativity. He's known and respected by all, deeply loved by a close few.

je t'aime, mon lutin!
1) An example of his effect:

the diva: Where were you last night?

le petite: With Charles...

the diva: Damn...look at you, you're glowing again.

2) To explain his charming good looks:

the diva and le petite, as Charlie walks by: "Handsome as a lion dat one... I could stare at dat back side allll daaaay."
by monpetitechere May 05, 2009

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