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born Frank Anthony Iero on October 31, 1981. current rhythm guitarist and backup vocalist of punk rock band My Chemical Romance. before joining MyChem he played in many bands including I Am A Graveyard, Hybrid, Prencey Prep, Leathermouth, Sector 12, and Give Up the Ghost, and is also the co-founder of the clothing label and recording company Skeleton Crew. he is the youngest member of My Chemical Romance and is a vegetarian. he's hyperactive and surprisingly intelligent for his sweetly childish personality. most known for several occurances on stage with My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way involving kissing and grinding. a lot of rumours surround this, though it is mostly for antihomophobic reasons.
My Chemical Romance is a very talented band, but i think Frank Iero is the most talented out of all of them.
by monodramatic July 05, 2009

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