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On October 18th, 2010, Jimmy McMillan debated on behalf of the "The Rent Is Too Damn High" party in the gubernatorial debate in NY.

His aim is to provide support to people who have lost jobs, help put a roof over their heads, and allow them to feed their families "breakfast, lunch, and dinner."

Jimmy McMillan is also a karate expert and a proponent of gay marriage.
I'm tryin' to feed my kids, but the rent is too damn high!
by monkeyweasel October 19, 2010
While "beeho" is best left undefined for ease of use and entertainment purposes, a common definition is "bitch-ho."

The word was originally defined in reference to a dog's butthole. It has since been adopted by many young people and has become a beloved, nonsensical word to be used whenever deemed appropriate.
Rachel is such a beeho. I can't believe she cancelled our plans to ride the mechanical bull.

Oh, you know Ellie's gettin' it. Lookit that beeho.
by monkeyweasel April 14, 2011
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