2 definitions by monkeyfarm

A slut. A Taylor Eddy likes whoring around with your bestfriends boyfriend & likes to perfusley drink alcohol all day everyday, & brag about people pulling swats in her pool on twitter that NO ONE cares about. Oh & she is ugly & makes me wanna' throw up everywhere. Hating may be 'stupid' or 'immature' but that's cool. 'Cause everyone does it. Especially a Taylor Eddy.
Holy shit, your being such a Taylor Eddy today... get a fucking life bro.
by monkeyfarm December 22, 2011
A SHITTY PERSON WITH BAD STYLE. oh & she likes shoving her fingers in other girl's boyfriend's butthole. & being a slut at all times.
Me: oh my god! that girl reminds me of a Marilyn King
Joseph: dude I KNOW! ew...
by monkeyfarm December 22, 2011

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