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3 definitions by monkeybutt

The act of punching a chick in the ass when you are going at it doggy style. It causes the chick to clench up tight and bring you extra pleasure.
I was banging this ho last night from behind and I ass punched her hard and she clenched up tight and I came hard all over her.
by monkeybutt July 23, 2003
s/n short for screen name as in an internet name used for talkin with freinds or family. usally therer r aim or aol s/n or yahoo sn s
i have a s/n for aim and yahoo
by monkeybutt March 25, 2005
a name used for instant messageing . Usally aol s/n or yahoo s/n
Wat is your s/n for aim. mine is eveildude399
by monkeybutt March 30, 2005