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1 definition by monkey2499

when a female or male sucks a male's cock. & the male cums into their mouth.
so my partner & i were on a tour bus one night. once we were sure that everyone was asleep, he asked me if i wanted to give him a blow-job. i had already been giving him a hand-job prior to this, & i said yes. he pulled his shorts down then covered us up with a blanket. lifting it up for a little bit, he gently led my mouth to his six inch cock. first i licked it up and then i started full on sucking his cock. after about ten minutes, he lowered his head to my ear and asked me if i wanted him to cum. i said yes, & held the blanket up for him. less then a minute later, he guided my mouth back onto his cock to suck his cum. i kept sucking until i was out of breath. then we fell asleep after he fingered me.
by monkey2499 September 21, 2010