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When a womans vaginal foreskin becomes elastically worn out and droops without firmness
"That stripper has some serious lasagna lips!"

"reminds me of people who can pull their bottom lip over the top of their head....nuff said.."

"Looks like a stretched, ragedy, loose earlobe"

"What? No! not lasagna again! i've been eating it for weeks!"
#vagina #loose #lips #funny #gross
by mongoose11387 February 15, 2009
A nasty vaginal infection that secretes an odor that instantly takes ones breath away. Odor secretions tend to leak through clothing leaving discharge stains and wet spots anywhere the victim sits or lays. Some cases in which were very severe, have been known to clear rooms and crowds of heavy population. Unlike gas particles which move very fast, the odor binds with oxygen particles leaving each breath unbarable. One with this condition may have to burn clothes due to its adhesive strength.
Man you smell that? That bitch that walked by MUST be sufferin' from STANKOPUSSYITIS!!

I went down, took a whiff, and pulled my pants back up.
#vagina #smelly #infection #queef #fart
by Mongoose11387 February 14, 2009
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