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Much like "jet wash" (the rapidly moving gases expelled from a jet engine), "Belch Wash" is the preferably vile and unpleasant gasses produced by a belch expelled in the proximity of another person who unknowingly and unavoidably walks through it, ingesting the odorous contents of the belcher's stomach and expresses a negative reaction.
After a couple Scotch on the rocks at the bar, I enjoyed a fine halibut filet in garlic cream sauce, steamed broccoli with jasmine rice. Rich and delicious! While walking out of the restaurant I quietly expelled a hot gaseous belch. My unsuspecting wife walking behind me passed right into my Belch Wash, almost yarped and exclaimed “Thanks, I just walked through your Belch Wash"
by moleary70 August 29, 2011
Along the order of a "Belch Wash", "Fart Wash" is the unpleasant odor product of flatulance in the proximity of another person who unknowingly and unavoidably walks through it, smells the sour contents of the belcher's lower intestines and has a negative reaction.
I had been thinking to myself; “Oh Lord! There’s something not right in me”. Between last night’s rich dinner of Halibut & Scotch, the three spicy Bloody Mary’s & beer backers that I drank at brunch with that huge omelet, bacon and hash browns, my ass is on fire. As we walked away from the table, I cautiously expelled a long silent searing hot fart; I still can not believe I did not shit myself! An unsuspecting family of eager diners walking to their seats passed right through my Fart Wash; their facial expressions were priceless. Probably lost their appetite! Nicely played sir!
by moleary70 August 29, 2011

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