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Asleeveless undershirt with abnormally large armholes worn by members of the Pi Kappa Alpha (PIKE) fraternity. The larger the holes, the larger the douchebag. Official uniform of PIKE.
PIKEs are required to wear pikebeaters even in the dead of winter.
by mojomunkeez April 11, 2010
a very angry robot with killer laser beams and a rusty chassis. Runs on Vista because she misbehaves.
Angry Robot Fooyang is an angry robot.
by mojomunkeez August 22, 2009
The uncertainty one feels before buying an article of clothing. Usually sets in while standing in line
Guy 1: "Awww, should I really buy this jacket?"

Guy 2: "I knew you would pregret this,"
by mojomunkeez April 12, 2010

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