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A person who constantly peforms blow jobs, a slut or an idiot.
Jimmy is a dong bonger.
by mogwtfbbqu July 05, 2009
A person who is from Seattle or conforms to become a Seattle resident. This person is more than likely white, comes from a rich family, had every opportunity to succeed and are college educated. They are all politically and socially liberal yet Seattle is the whitest major city in the USA. They act as if they emphasize with the poor or minorities yet they live in neighborhoods lacking diversity, segregated and gentrified. When greeting one, they rarely acknowledge you or return the gesture. They own a apple laptop computer which in their mind represents that they are artistic or unique. Usually this specimen can be found in a coffee shop atleast twice a day.
I met a Seattleite that said hello to me and i crapped my pants!
by mogwtfbbqu July 05, 2009
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