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To insert one testicle into a vagina for no more than approximately two seconds. Usually a spontaneous act, can be a surprise to either/both involved, and can occur by complete accident.
Sid "Vicious" (or Patrick) Crosby: They calling me an alien, a big headed astronaut.

Michael "Bolton" Kovach: Eff those Flyer fans, that does not even make sense as a put down. Why would they even say that?

Sid: Maybe it's because your boy easy get ass a lot. To the tune of 87 women so far.

Mike: That's malarkey. I find your approach (to women) so adolescent -- I may look young but your game is prepubescent.

Sid: It's give or take, and sometimes I switch back to the old recipe. How many girls you slept with?

Mike: 5.5.

Sid: I am disappoint. And what the hell is a half point?

Mike: I bumped a girl once. I figured it was just a few seconds and just a ball so I can't count it as a full point.

Sid: Redic.
by modenapsu May 24, 2011
When someone comes up with an idea (like at work) that will benefit mainly them self and they hand the actual work off to someone else.
Getting Dutch Ruddered:

Dustin: "I think that if we stored all the files in one location, I could process the reports faster."

Chris: "That is a really good idea."

Dustin: "So do you mind clearing out your schedule for the rest of the day and start moving the files?"
by modenaPSU April 06, 2009
A gene, which possesed in a pair, makes one gay. If a person is only a carrier of the gay gene (meaning they only have one gay gene and one hetero gene) then the person is only subject to acting "gay" half of the time but does not sleep with the same sex, usually.
"That Dustin has the gay gene, I just saw him download a whole batch of gay midget cowboy porn."


Katie: "Yea, I know Dustin is married to a woman named Amanda but did you see how gay he always acts?"

Chris: "That is because he is a carrier of the gay gene."
by modenapsu February 16, 2008

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