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To shit in your pants when you only meant to fart.
Damn!! I need to go home and change my drawers!!
I just pooted!
Yeah, I can smell it from back here motherfucker!!
by Mo Jasper November 02, 2003
To case on somebody or something. A putdown.
Jake: "Look at Reggie, got his hair combed by the north wind."

Reggie: "What? Who is that bitch high-sighing on, with his billy goat beard.
by mo jasper July 14, 2004
To fart in the bathtub while bathing.
In the movie Trading Places with Eddie Murphy, he mentioned that the only time he was ever in a Jacuzzi was while he farted in the tub. Little did he realized he was experiencing a frap.
by Mo Jasper November 02, 2003
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