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A very over-emotional, dramatic, "Diva" who often lies about her birthday to get presents. She writes what she want's for her birthday on her invitations and gets in fights often losing them in a pathetic attempt to trash-talk someones mother and or grandmother. She pretends to puke in public to get attention which ends in people disgusted or feeling pity for her. A "Baby Denise" Also loves rap, hip-hop, and adores slutty clothes, leather, and floppy hats (along with hoop earrings)...
Yo'jesha: Oh my gah' did you hear what Era'bonda say about ju'?

Lee'pon'do'je'na'she: WHAT DID DAT' BISH SAY BOUT' ME?!

Yo'jesha: She say dat' you a Baby Denise.... Hmmm oh no...

Lee'pon'do'je'na'she: DAT BITCH GON' GET SLAP!
by mmoomaa April 20, 2012
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