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a kickass band who i fell in love w/ from the moment i heard em.
glassjaw truly makes anyone want to die of happiness in concert.
by mmmuuusssaaaccc kid July 30, 2003
1. the best band ive ever seen/heard
2. kickass lyrics/vocals + amazing guitar + totally kewl bass + pretty pretty drumming = truly awesome band
3. some awesome kids who got together to create fine music
Finch kicks ass in concert
by mmmuuusssaaaccc kid July 29, 2003
well, this is a truly kickass band who you'll fall in love w/ if you ever hear them... they're fresh out of highschool(graduated this year)and they play such amazing music. hot guys and a kewlass girl drummer. soo much fun
dead city sunday is my new obsession
by mmmuuusssaaaccc kid July 30, 2003
really really hot guys... hot meaning hot personality also... hillarious, pretty to look at, fun to talk to... favorite= black hair, pretty eyes, in a punk band, hyper, and great sense of humor
guys from FINCH, THRICE, dead city sunday, ect...
by mmmuuusssaaaccc kid August 03, 2003
the greatest band which has set foot on this lowly planet.
green day kicks ass in concert... worship them
by mmmuuusssaaaccc kid July 30, 2003

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