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When a male and female are engaged in sexual intercourse and going at it full pelt the males penis accidently slips out but in the heat of the moment goes for an instant re-dock but instead misses the target thus causeing a painfull and instant deformation of the penis in a buckling manner.
hey tom i was going at it hammer n tongs with this tart that i picked up whilst out on the raz last night but about half way through my chubby popped out and the bitch sat right on top of my dick and she gave me a right buckle cock.
by mmmicecream May 09, 2009
Diarrhea that might cause you to run, bow-legged, to a lavatory to pass a very hot-runny movement.
"Make sure that chickens been cooked properly, I'm not spending all night running to the toilet with the screaming ab-dabs"
by mmmicecream May 09, 2009
Horrendous, excrutating and soul destroying indigestion/heartburn/dispepsia. Like having Lucifer pissing in your gullet.

Derived from the play on words between indo-china and indigestion
"George mate, I had a greasy samosa yesterday that had me reaching for the milk of magnesia, right proper Screaming Indo's, i was on fire"
by mmmicecream May 09, 2009

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