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4 definitions by mmmhmmm

Lazy biatch who loves his couch more then life itself.
P1: You still coming out tonight?
P2: Nahh, think i'll have a night in.
P1: You fag ... don't pull a Crabb!!
by mmmhmmm March 03, 2005
A phrase that only the cool kids say. You say "it's whatever tho" if something doesn't really matter or if it isn't a big deal
I just asked out Bea. Its whatever tho
by Mmmhmmm April 05, 2014
a gay made for tv movie on abc family that britney spears decided to make in her plan to take over the world
mini-slut 1-"hey did u see brave new girl last nite?"
mini-slut 2-"oh yea, it was AWESOME i love britney spears!"
by mmmhmmm July 12, 2004
A term commonly used by suburban teens on away messages in order to inform their peers to call them on their cellular devices
auto response from suburbanteen:
I'm out!!!
spank the cell
by mmmhmmm July 13, 2004