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small county in central florida. population: not worth mentioning

ridiculous amount of rednecks, sex offenders and old people.

home of the crystal river manatees. people visit from all over the world to see these huge wastes of blubber when in reality they deserve the wounds the motor boats inflict on them.

"radioactive beach" is where the cc population goes to sunbathe because if you actually swim in the water, you'll mutate in some way or another thanks to the nearby power plant.

"cool" places to hang are the circus tent mall (only mall in the county, major department stores include kmart and sears), the relatively new super walmart (where it has been proven that at any given point in time at least 5 people who know will be there), and the rundown roller barn (every kid in the county had at least one birthday party there).

only cool place to work is of course the inverness regal. because the people there rock. best coffee shop would be russ' coffee depot in crystal river which very few people know of. and if you want anything else you'll have to drive a million miles away. because that is how far from civilization citrus county is.
citrus county blows ass.
by mmg9 January 24, 2006

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