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a friend who is in a wheelchair who is a friend with a person who is in a wheelchair
Mike: Tom we both shattered our femurs, want to be my wheelchair buddy?

Sullivan: Yes.
by mmcdonald92 February 01, 2011
a piece of cloth along a string that extends from one post of the bed to the other. when pulled across a private barrier is created. Great for a roomate who wants some privacy or if they want some pussy.
Ravishu: Hey Tom im trying to do my studies and you two are distracting me.

Tom: Ok *pulls cuddle curtain*
by mmcdonald92 November 16, 2010
when a film teacher sprays himself when being excited over a very well framed shot.
(woman is slapped by man at an airport terminal from the short film "Not Without my Child")

Alan: Now THATS the money shot!
by mmcdonald92 February 01, 2011
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