5 definitions by mjryan06

when some one is feeling really energetic
I was so renops after that red bull
by mjryan06 February 08, 2010
when you get a really good idea.
hey guys its lamp post thursday!
by mjryan06 February 08, 2010
i live in a shity place called raftbag

i went to raftbag this weekend and saw quilts and red necks
by mjryan06 February 10, 2010
when you cant possibly stay awake any longer.
my parents told me my bedtime was 10, but my blueberry bedtime last night was 945, i was exhausted.
by mjryan06 February 08, 2010
a slang term for pizza from heath/bobcat origin.
lets order some Indian Kram
by mjryan06 February 08, 2010

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