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a bunch of white guys that think they can be black by rapping
joe: hey have u heard the song billionare? bob: yeah its great joe: no it sucks, the artists are a pack of eminem's. bob: true that!
by mjrizzle August 12, 2010
a kid (usually male) who is small, kinda cute but not really, and can be annoying.

Squirts usually distinguish themselves by trying to be an upper class man when they are a freshman. although squirts are annoying and small like gremlins, they are still needed in society.
ryan: wow did you see that squirt today, he was all up and crazy.

joe: yeah he is very annoying whay does he try to hang with us?

ryan: I dont know, but i feel like he needs to annoy us, like my aunt jane!

joe: i hate your aunt, but you sill gotta love her, like squirt!
by mjrizzle November 29, 2010

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