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Generic insult reserved for someone inclined to being a twat. Can be a substitution for other insults such as
twat, tosser and prick.
Jack you complete and utter goyt

You Full Goyt
by MJR April 11, 2005
One of the worst football teams every eaisly dominated by teams such as tha panthers and packers

Also can be used to describe something that is worthless in life
Man did you monneta is and phili eagle
by mjr December 09, 2004
"Bumping Uglies" is when two unattractive people are copulating, and, the average person would be repulsed to witness such an act.
Of course the word 'unattractive' is really a relative concept isn't it.
God, I can't imagine my parents "doing it", they're a couple of 'bumping uglies'.
by mjr December 05, 2003

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