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nerdcore. related to hardcore and \m/ but used when someone does or says something extremely nerdy.
person 1: I have to take prescription vitamin b
person 2: level up your vitamins

person 1: dude. \n/
by mjollnir March 19, 2008
Similarly to nick completion, people often configure their irc clients to automatically complete often used phrases, for example 'g' to tab complete to GETFUCKED.

However, GETFUCKED is not considered the most polite thing to say in everyday conversation, so it evolved to g<tab>
Javascript needs to g<tab>
by mjollnir March 10, 2008
Drown in a shower

Related to DIAF (die in a fire) but for those people who prefer to wish watery deaths upon people.
person 1: I hate you, diaf
person 2: yeah? well you should dias.
by mjollnir March 19, 2008

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