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2 definitions by mj1955

A piece of art comprised of empty beer cans that have been quickly consumed and shot up with a gun in a redneck's backyard. Then, the cans are hung by string to a piece of wood, thus effectively constructing a redneck windchime.
What's that lovely sound I'm hearing in the wind? Oh, I made me a windchime last night. It's hanging on the side of the trailer if you wanna see it. After we done drinkin' this six-pack here, we will shoot up the cans and I will help you make a redneck windchime for you too.
by mj1955 March 23, 2010
The process of meticulously eating m&m's candy in a color-coordinated order.
Why don't you just grab a handful of m&m's and eat them? Because, I have to eat the green ones first, then the red ones, followed by the yellow ones, orange, blue, and then finally the brown ones. Why? Because I think the colors taste different, so I m&minize them!
by mj1955 March 23, 2010