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1)A word that many african-americans take harshly, back in the slave days it was no big deal 'cause thats jus what black people were called, and they werent offended, they came to terms. Nowadays the word is, and should be frowned upon in society, for the most part atleast. If a white person says it, black people are offended. If a black person calls a white person a cracker or a honkey, no one gets offended really, because the words cracker or honkey(lol) have no history, there just made up words that are kind of funny. Nigger on the other hand used to not be a big deal back in the 1800s, but now it is because black people arent slaves anymore, so there is pretty much no need for that word to be thrown around. Alot of crime may be caused by african-americans, but alot of crime is caused by all races.

2)The word nigger/nigga is commonly used by black people amongst each other, and no one gets offended.The word causes too many problem, so it should be used as little as possible. Or maybe white people should just start using the word cracker or honley amongst themselves so every things even and people stop bitching.
1) The niggers is cummin, close the shops!

white person:nigger!(black girl runs off and crys)

black person:honkey(white person says "fuck you" and laughs)

2) person 1:nigga please
person 2: fuck you nigga
person 3: yeah niggers
people 1 and 2: how bout person 3 shuts the fuck up and takes a crabs infested dick up the ass
person 3: that would be nice!
by mixed_dyme March 21, 2007

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