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He's a multi-talented, clumsy, and very funny person. Sometimes he could be very quiet, but when he's close to someone, he talks a lot. All of the stories that he told me are beyond hilarious. Mainly, I love how he cares so much about his family and putting them as his first priority.
Everything about him, was the reason that made me like him. He made me feel special. I mistaken him at first, but once I started to "actually" know him, it was all different.
He's the best guy I've ever liked. Thanks to him, I learned so much. I'm grateful for his existence and being the first guy to be part in my life.
It's this Josh that is so unique and adorable.
Some Josh's names is "Joshua," but his name is just "Josh."
Get to know this Josh and you will find him very sweet and nice.
"Oh it's Josh!"


"Oh gosh its Josh."
by mitsukiusagi November 09, 2011

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