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during intercourse, to hump as fast as you can, like it's a race to bust a nut.. as if you don't care about the other person, you're just here for you.
guy 2: "shut up dude, rabbit fuck"
guy 1: "oh."
by mitsu mike December 07, 2006
short for housing projects..
government-owned buildings meant for the poorer people in an area to live in.
sometimes rent goes by how much money you make, so if you have a really crap job, you can still afford to live there.
because of this, drug-dealers, gangsters, heathens and hoodrats make it in, and that's why there is a bad connotation to the word "projects"
the only fun thing to do in the projects is wait for the ice cream truck!
by Mitsu Mike November 05, 2006
-to teach someone humility.
-to "eat humble pie" is to be knocked off your "high horse".
guy 1: corey is such a dick, he thinks he is SO great at basketball.

guy 2: not anymore, i just beat him 21-5; gave him some of that humble pie.
by mitsu mike November 25, 2007
word to describe an insult..usually not meant in a serious manner, just a friendly "jab" at someone. you can't just make something up, the dig has to be somewhat truthful.
"some kid was diggin' on james like crazy just now.. talkin about his momma! LoL"

by mitsu mike December 07, 2006
a shortened version of "suck a dick."

nobody likes you, and i don't even know what you're talking about, suckadee.
by Mitsu Mike October 30, 2006
to be all over girls that you like, not giving them any room to breathe
guy1: "yo, where's james?"
guy2: "he doesn't have time for us now, he's busy hoe hounding.. constantly up that girl's ass."
by Mitsu Mike October 08, 2006
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