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somehow called "one of the best schools in the country". Shawnee mission south is full of druggies and stuck up douchebags (this is coming from a current freshman at south).
If any other definition says that the school is wonderful and one of the best they are full of shit. The nerds are probably some of the best people you'll meet at this school because EVERYONE ELSE HAS THEIR HEAD UP THEIR ASSES!Not to mention the fact that the druggies smoke pot at the bus stops. If you have a choice in going here stay the fuck away!
full of life freshman or new kid, Hey I hear Shawnee mission south is wonderful, school is going to be so wonderful

that same person at the end of his or her first year there, I hope this gets dragged down to hell and raped by a tentacle monster!
by mitchel1497 May 11, 2012

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