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a man/woman who talks incessantly about the pursuit of pleasure; something Lady Gaga wished she could stop doing.
"Wish I could shut my playboy mouth."

--Lady Gaga
by mistress E January 10, 2009
Any young girl under the age of 18 that dreams of being a playboy bunny.
"When I grow up, I want to date Hugh Hefner! I've got the perfect body for it. I just need a boob job..."

"Cindy, you sound like a Playboy mouse!"

by mistress E January 10, 2009
A person who has an ass-face.
Damn bro, your girl is augly.
by Mistress E April 02, 2009
A person who is 1/4 ugly.
Guy 1: Awww man, I have to tell you what I did last night.
Guy 2: what happened?
Guy 1: I went to this bar & got hammered drunk & woke up next to this girl who was qugly.
by Mistress E April 02, 2009
A person who is so obsessed with the environment, such as owning a hybrid car, tree-huggers or going green, that makes them eugly.
John: We need to talk.
Stacy: What is it?
John: We gotta break up. In the last few months, you've been really obsessed into helping the environment & dragging me along to recycle & shit. I'm sick of it. Stacy, you're just eugly.
by Mistress E April 02, 2009

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