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When a woman gives a man oral sex while feeding him a sandwich.
"I was hungry and horny last night, so I told my girl to give me an RGP."
by mistersmith1990 March 18, 2009
When an african american male gets the sides of his hair cut. Similar to the "Fro-Hawk." Business in the front, bad idea in the back.
Person 1: Did you see Kanye West at the Grammy's?
Person 2: Hell yeah, he was rockin the negrullet and everything.
by mistersmith1990 March 18, 2009
Pour salt on a woman's vagina and put her into a cold ice bath then proceed to have sex with her. It will feel like you are having sex with a corpse.
John: When I came home last night the bathroom floor was flooded with cold water and ice, what happened last night?

Bob: Well Kelly came over and I pulled an Alaskan Salt Shaker
by mistersmith1990 June 07, 2009

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