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someone who walks in the woods, usually a creepy person alone carrying a flashlight, usually wearing plain old jeans and the typical lumberjack plaid shirt and woodwalkers are typically men from their 30s-80s, they like to scare people and make weird noises to wind up the noisy teenagers being all "brave" walking through the woods and screaming their heads off the first sound of a twig breaking. woodwalkers have no lives and live alone or with their 90 year old mother, woodwalkers' jobs can vary from working at home depot to working at a lumber mill. stay away from woodwalkers, they are not to be trusted. also, they smell pretty bad.
Teen Girl 1: OMG this is soooo scary walking thru the woods at 12 at nite! we're such rebels! omg wut if there are like bears or something in the woods!
Teen Girl 2: B!tch please, the only thing you need to be afraid of in the woods are woodwalkers.
by mistakingston October 26, 2012

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