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What is the Grim Creeper? It's that girl or guy who creeps over after a hard night's drinking at the bar. You know the kind, when you strike out and the only option you have left is that number on your phone you keep telling yourself that you will never call again, yet you leave it in your phone. If you find yourself with a Grim Creeper in your room, remember:
1. Put together a Grim Creeper safety kit.
Make sure you've got latex gloves in there, because most Grim Creepers claim to have latex allergies. This may be a ploy so you'll have unprotected sex with them and catch the cooties and maybe make a baby.
2. All Field Hockey Players Are Grim Creepers.
There is absolutely no exception to this rule. If you play field hockey, you are a Grim Creeper. No question.
How to recognize a Grim Creeper.....
If you're at a college party, rodeo, carnival or morgue, there's a good chance you'll cross paths with one. If you're unsure whether or not it's definitely one and don't want to risk sucker-punching an innocent person, ask yourself these three questions:
Is the person drunk?
Is the person constantly groping their crotch (crabs)?
Did the person excuse themselves to visit the restroom with two middle-aged bartenders and their dog?
If you answered yes, you've got a Grim Creeper on your hands. Run away!!!!
Oh look, I'm in St. Joseph at the Muny!!! This place is full of GRIM CREEPERS!!!!!!
#grim creeper #slut #whore #barfly #st. joe's finest
by missouriwesternstud August 29, 2006
1. adj: nasty man sex, also known as bareback mount'em

2. the only western in the history of movies where the good guys get it in the end.

3. Marketing ploy for the new drink, Brokeback Mountain Dew : Do the Dude!
"Wow, it seems that Rob Schinder likes to do the Brokeback Mountain
#gay #queer #brokeback mountain #nasty #man sex
by missouriwesternstud December 31, 2005
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