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3 definitions by missing

Stupid couple talk that everyone but the couple ABSOLUTELY HATES.. the couple see it as normal and the haters would do it without realising it.
Guy: You're the sweetest.
Girl: No you're the sweetest.
Guy: No you are.
Girl: No you are.

by missing November 24, 2003
39 10
The opposite of "sold out".

It is when a band (or person) who is famous, wealthy, etc decides to pursue another way and relinquish their new lifestyle.. They other completely change their style and become unpopular (on purpose), quit the industry, become a garage band, or forget music altogether and live in a small town and farm.
I'm not sure if this has happened before.
by missing November 24, 2003
6 8
the nickname of the boy who carries his chick-fil-a bag like it's toxic. you can also see him around with ben & jerry's ice cream all the time in the student govt office. his real name is dustin ingalls
swanky is swankin' it up over there with his ben and jerry's and toxic chick-fil-a
by missing May 01, 2005
12 104