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half of a twenty cent meal here in America that I like to call "kool-aid and ramen noodles."
All summer long while my parents forgot I existed, I had 3 square meals of Kool-aid and Ramen noodles.
by miss.emma August 27, 2005
N.) a shop for clothes, shoes, and lots of random things. a generally "darker" style, but contains merchandise suitable to different tastes. gay to decent to cool range of products, often not worth the price.
Sarah just bought a fairly cool dress at Hot Topic, but it cost like 200 fucking dollars. Damn.
by miss.emma July 13, 2005
1.) a web-log.

2.) an online journal used to express or tell of one's feelings, thoughts, recent activities. may be used to communicate with friends or strangers.
Jeremy posted his poetry on his blog to vent his feelings.


Jenny blogged often to complain about her daily annoyances.
by miss.emma July 13, 2005
one with lax sexual morality.
So and so is a slut because she sleeps with lots of different guys.


That guy is such a slut, he slept with so and so and then told her he had herpes the next day.
by miss.emma August 10, 2005
1.) the Animal Liberation Front, a terrorist group supported by PETA, that uses intimidation and illegal activities to liberate animals.

2.) some brown alien guy with a self-titled sitcom back in the day. yup.
ALF tagged my friend's house because she works at the pound.


What is up with that Alf guy's nose anyway?
by miss.emma July 13, 2005
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