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Among this group is a high concentration of people who think that their opinions are worth more than ours just because they are rich and famous. Another false belief some of these people tend to have is that real americans (the ones who don't have seven mansions and private islands and jets) actually give a damn about their ill-founded opinions. Some of them tend to be preachy and like to scold people for polluting or being selfish while they drive gas-guzzling SUV's and buy $300 jeans.
Vote or Die. What the Hell was that? At least that stupid campaign kept him from ruining more good songs.
by miss grace May 02, 2005
1. penis
2. a stupid viking asshole who misspells his own name
3. one who is being difficult

Originated in 2002 at Carthage College.
Plal, quit being such a pener!
by miss grace December 02, 2004
One who is half caucasion and half Japanese.
Term originated several years ago in Illinois as an improvement on the term "jillbilly" in reference to a school friend of Miss Nicole.
Ah! Cracker Jap felt me up!
by miss grace December 02, 2004
Two male friends... with benefits.
Aww, Plal misses his pener pal.
by miss grace December 02, 2004
The friendly version of the word "cunt."
"Hello, Cunty-lou!"
"You're grounded!"
by miss grace December 02, 2004
(also puppy log)
1. Puppy or dog, especially one you really like or used in general by one who likes dogs.
2. A piece of dog poop. This definition is not nearly as applied as the first.
I want a puppylog for x-mas.
by miss grace December 02, 2004
Any band with too much distortion, too little musical output, and one very bad singer automatically qualifies as (insert scene here)core.
The punk movement may have had a purpose but what the fuck is up with all of these hardcore kids?
by miss grace December 02, 2004

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