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3 definitions by mirks

evolving one's fabulousness.
i remember when i first meet her she was a dud. you would never know that now based on her fabvolution.
by mirks February 22, 2009
to have affection for an application

similar to a crush on a person, an appcrush is normally short lived until another application catches one's affection.

an app crush may turn into an applationship (a committed relationship to an application)
stephanie and sean have recently discovered flock and instantly developed an appcrush.
by mirks March 15, 2009
a phrase or tag word used to describe something you like. used similarly, like the tag words: hot, kick, huge and awesome.
i was into him like dinner.

damn boy, those new kicks are dinner. where you get that shit at?
by mirks May 07, 2009