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Some other possibilities for "9/11 inside job?".....

1: Those in power had no idea what these planes where going to do. Perhaps the terrorists would simple ask for some sort of shit, and diplomacy could be used.
this lack of understanding is only the basis, however. the big thing is that theres so much red tape when it comes to "comand defense", which is assume you mean to represent shoot the fuckers down, that to send out fuckin fighter jets to destroy civilian aircraft over the course of a few hours would be impossible.
the goverment is slow to work, and doesnt like to go out on limbs. And shooting down a civilian aircraft with only the knowlege that it has been hijacked is a pretty big limb. Hijackings occur more than you would think on our planet, and tact tends to be the best cure for the situations.

2: the world is an awefully big place. if you have enough money and brains, you can hide anywhere. Bin Laden is most certainly not retarded, and knows how to stay away from a god damn army looking for him.

3: The problem isnt that the steel frames straight melted. It's that they started to slowly bend under pressure. Sure, it wasnt 3,000 degrees hot, but it was hot enough so that the wieght of the building, on top of the heat that was there, took care of business.
You put enough weight on steel that is structuraly unsound, and gravity turns into a bitch.
steels great, but not invincible.
Ah, and it was SOME of the firefighters who reported hearing these explosions, which where probably just the sounds of the building starting to colapse in on itself. in the mass clusterfuck that was the world trade center on 9/11, im sure mother fuckers where hearing all sorts of things that sounded like one thing, but where really another.
as to the destruction of the basement idea, well, its realy this simple: alot of stuff fell. Like, drop a bowling ball off your house onto the sidewalk. it will make a big ass dent. so, imagine what would happen if the combined mass of the entire world trade center fell on the area that it did. You would get a very big crater. Hence, no basement. And, please, "All" of the eye witnesses? did you sit every one of them down and ask what exactly the scene looked like, in their expert opinions? And, again, confusion and panic make for odd observations.
Your argument is less baked then a turd on a sidewalk.

4: It incriminates countires that we don't want to have pissed at us right now more than they need to be (i.e. Iran, etc.). Stop thinking we're so god damn important. There are other countires involved in this mess much more than you claim america to be.

5: pretty much the same as 4.

There are plenty of reasons to hate Bush. Being responsible for 9/11 is not one of them. Please please please, stop pretending you're some sort of expert on this matter by presenting your "true facts of the matter". I do like what you have to say about the war, however. In fact, I totaly agree with you. But 9/11 isnt the ground to base your debate on.

I mean, didn't you hear? we're fighting in Iraq to save the mystical pixies from their caverns! and thats the gods honest truth!

Hail bush!
Bush is an asshole, but he isnt responsible for this "9/11 inside job?". Just trust me on this one, okay?
by mique December 24, 2006

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