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Hongers can speak proper english. You can probably rate hongers at levels from 0-100%, 100% being extreme honger.

I personally think I am not a total honger. I go to both asian stores and canadian stores to buy clothings. This includes Mix&Match, la senza, le chateau, etc). Depends what I like. I enjoy buying japanese brand fashions, I mean, I have also seen caucasians buying asian things, so how what does that mean! Somebody who is from HongKong does not mean they are a honger. And what is wrong with a person from Hong Kong still speaking their language? Don't other races do that too.

Ya, Hongers wear bright clothings eh, what about CBCs!! Wear bright hot pink matching it with black and put HEAVY, SUPER DUPER HEAVY black eye liner! Making them look like they have panda eyes. Now what about that?

I know alot of people who are half honger half cbc. What about those then? Right, I passed a certain university english assessment test with one try while some cbc who is acing his english at school failed his assessment. How how does that really rate the the way honger ppl speak and write.

And btw, I never say things like "wakakkaka" "kekekeke", I know ppl who say that, but I DUN!
Usually hongers would enjoy hanging out at karaokes, several times a month, at bubble tea, malls. They light watching chinese movie, and would usually have chinese channels at home. (but this also happens for many china ppl and taiwanese, cannot judge by these things)!
by minimocha December 11, 2004

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