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a rush of tingling energy up the spine immediately after pissing
If you've ever had a piss orgasm, you know what i mean
by minghi April 26, 2003
1. the seaty feeling on one's scrotum after a hot day, or a long time without a shower.
2. nuts that are very sweaty ( preferably gluey old sweat)
i need to shower - i've got swamp nuts.
by minghi September 27, 2003
in gay slang, its an old man who goes for very young guys. see chicken
man neil went to jail for 10 years for doing a 12 year old, that silly old chicken hawk.
by minghi May 21, 2003
rough scrapey feeling from having someone with a beard rub against you, usually during kissing, but often during other stuff.
i got beard burn between my ass cheeks last night.
by minghi May 31, 2003
someone evincing 2 or more of the following symptoms:
1: proclaims the lord is coming with the imminent end of the world
2: has signs on their person, car, or home with bible quotes
3: goes to church more than once a week
4: started their own christian offshoot cult because the rest aren;t pious enough
5: tries to foist an extreme form of christianity off on others
6: is a born-again christian and/or fundamentalist
every time i see that jesus freak walking around with his "god will save, the end is near" sign, i want to convert to satanism just so i can sacrifice him.
by minghi May 21, 2003
a dance popular a few decades ago, especially in europe. similar to the twist but with less hip movement.
I think the frug was big in germany because its possible to do it even with a huge stick up your ass
by minghi May 31, 2003
a sexual practice involving shaving all body hair below neck, lubing up the whole body, and screwing on a waterbed without sheets.
we were having shaved monkey sex last night when he bed sprung a leak.
by minghi May 17, 2003
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