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to talk a load of hot air, garbage etc
idiot 1: "I'm the boy blud...me aint no wasteman"

idiot 2: "yeh whatever, your chattin fart mate"
by mingemuncher July 04, 2009
a guy who always ends up in the dreaded " lets just be friends zone" with females he is attracted to. Consequently gets to hear all her problems, runs around after her and basically acts like her female friend....but with testicles. You heard of "friends with benefits", well this sort of idiot is a"boyfriend without benefits!"
Igor: "you see Dennis is running around after Chloe again"
Olly : "yeh ,hes not gonna get in her knickers though....hes just her cuddlebitch!"
by mingemuncher September 24, 2009
a sexually frustrated inadequate male,normally with no girlfriend, who sniffs womens dirty underwear for sexual thrills
Aubrey: "hey, did you hear about Trevor? He got caught going through Cheryl's dirty laundry basket!"
Solly "yeh, I heard! that guys a perv! what a knicker sniffer!"
by mingemuncher September 21, 2009

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