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Busy or unavailable due to ipod use.
Tom: Hey Jack, do you think Lady GaGa has a cock or not?
Sarah: Tom, Jack won't respond to you...he's ipocupied.
by milts_perth January 15, 2010
Fond memories of your days with an Afro
Stu: This disco song is making me feel nostalgic.
Tom: Haha, man you have frostalgia!
by milts_perth February 15, 2010
When you and a partner take a bath together and touch each other's private parts (at least).
-After just meeting and exchanging phone numbers-

Sweet Girl: So Tom, where will you take me for our first date?

Tom: I've decided you'll come to my house for a bath with benefits.
by milts_perth February 15, 2010
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