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thre just arent words.
the crazy frog can kiss my shiny metal ass
by millicent dewey January 25, 2005
ska is this amazing type of music, that everyone loves, except for all you emo pubes, but tbf i know one guy who's emo, who LOVES ska and his name his chris and he's uber cool
we all love chris, who loves ska, quite possibly the best gift given to this earth
by millicent dewey January 23, 2005
TC is this uber cool dude called tim who is uber nice and loves ska. he also has big hair
TC=legend, we all love him
by millicent dewey January 23, 2005
bod is this really random bloke in the year below me, he's well odd, but qui cool.
bod, how many oranges are in my basket?
by millicent dewey January 23, 2005

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