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What Would James Bond Do.

You are in a socially awkward situation and you need guidance on how to remain looking cool. Think! What would James Bond Do?
Last night that girl blew me out, so I'm sitting in the restaurant on my larry like a looser, people are starring at me. So I think, WWJBD, so I pulled the waitress and shagged her at my hotel
by Milkcarton18 August 20, 2010
Using water to style your hair when no hair product is available.
Judas; Dude, lets go chat those girls up
Jesus; Yeah man, but my hair is a mess
Judas; You got any wax or spray?
Jesus; No man. Fuck it I'll use Jesus Gel
by milkcarton18 August 20, 2010
A British Army Soldier especially selected to fight covert and anti-terrorist missions who is allowed to use mulitiple perks.

An S.A.S trooper typically will choose;

Ghost Pro, Scavenger Pro and Lightweight Pro.
Steady Aim Pro and Sleight of Hand Pro
Ninja Pro and Marathon Pro

S.A.S snipers will also use Scout Pro and seige busting troopers will use Tactical Mask Pro and Flak Jacket Pro
COD player 1: Haks Haks, that guys running all perks, Haks
COD player 2: No man, he's an SAS Trooper
COD palyer 1: Oh shit!!!!
by milkcarton18 November 28, 2010
Larry - short for Larry Loner. Someone with no friends or when you find your self alone.
Billy - "You went to the cinema alone?"
Larry - "Yeah, I felt like a right Larry"
by Milkcarton18 August 21, 2010

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