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Magic: the Gathering slang Coined during Odyssey-block limited, referring collectively to bad limited Magic players.

Less-skilled Magic players frequently reveal their skill level to good players by playing bad one-mana creatures on turn one, and Tireless Tribe is a bad one-mana creature from Odyssey block.
My opponent hoisted his Tireless Tribe banner with a turn-one Goblin Mountaineer.
by milesmason777 August 10, 2009
In poker, when you know in your gut you are beat but call a bet anyway, it is an "orange belt" play, i.e., a classic intermediate move.

The implication is that a white-belt player wouldn't even know they were beat and would call, and a black belt player would know they were beat and fold.
"Oh man, this is such and orange-belt call."

"I want to orange belt you so badly, but I'm going to be disciplined and fold."
by milesmason777 February 20, 2009
In gamer circles, the person who coordinates and runs a gaming session. The dorkmaster is responsible for securing the equipment, knowing and teaching the rules of the game, resolving any issues or disputes, and generally keeping the game flowing; like a dungeon master, but not D&D-specific.
Frank was a terrible dorkmaster; he didn't know how to set up the board and we spent half the game watching him look up rules.
by milesmason777 August 04, 2008
Poker slang for an inefficiency or bad tendency in one's game that costs money over time.

Like many poker terms, it can be applied to life as well.
"I limp too much in early position, it's a big leak in my game."

"I always forget to pay my credit card bill on time and they charge me a $29 late fee."

"Dude, that's a major leak."
by milesmason777 December 22, 2009

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