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3 definitions by mildlyinteresting

To end a situation of your making because it has gotten out of control.

To call an end to a situation that is heading in a direction you don't like.

Usually used in a humorous manner to highlight that you don't approve of a situation
You organise a work social event and after a few hours it is descending into drunken chaos so you call 'OK, shut it down'.

You and friends go to see a movie that turns out to be of poor quality or distasteful so as it gets to a particularly bad scene you call 'Shut it down' as you walk out.

by mildlyinteresting April 04, 2009
To work a duty or shift that is noticeably shorter than the average.
"I'll be done by lunch time I'm working a snip turn"
by mildlyinteresting April 04, 2009
An expletive derived from cracker, slang for a white person (from a slave master cracking a whip) and Ass for some one known for foolish acts or being unpleasant.

Often used as a reply given in shocked or appalled agreement such as 'motherfucker' or 'fuck me'
"Did you hear Jack tried to get me sacked?"
by mildlyinteresting April 04, 2009