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Otakuese is the language most self-proclaimed "otaku" speak in. It is a mixed up jumble of (mostly) random Japanese words and the speaker's native language. In Otakuese, accurate useage of Japanese words is not important.

Ex: Baka - anything the speaker doesn't like.
Kawaii - anything the speaker does like.

Ex: 1: "Pokemon is sooooooo ka-WAII!"
2: "No it's not! Pokemon is totaly BAKA!!!!!"
*fight ensues*

Otakuese is largely unintelligable to members outside of the "otaku" community. However, it is noted that most "otaku" are able to understand each other fairly well. Although disagreements may break out about the particular useage of a word.

Ex2: 1: "She is so kakkoii!"
2: "No she's not! She's so bish!"
*fight ensues*
"Hello" in otakuese - "Wai wai neko-chan no baka wai baka neko nee!"
by mikokit May 03, 2006
1. A giggle that comes out more as a snort.
2. The noise you make when you snort your drink out your nose. (From trying not to laugh.)
A: "...So then the chiuaua chased her up the stairs and cornered her in the bathroom."
K: "*Snerk* That is so funny! *laughs*"
by mikokit May 01, 2006

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