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laurens are usually cocky but dont think they are..on the outside laurens may seem very confident but behind the scenes shes very self conscious, when she really doesnt need to be..because this person is beautiful and needs to believe it...and is usually searching for love in every direction..and would seem that she wouldnt need to look for love that hard because guys throw themselves at her..but she still searches for the perfect guy when in fact..she needs to learn that love isnt about finding the perfect person but loving an imperfect person perfectly. laurens usually seems very innocent but really isnt...shes the definiton of the saying "looks can be deceiving" laurens are usually girls that many people love and is hard not to love but you must beware..a laurens a girl that will invade your thoughts and your dreams..she has very nice eyes you can look into all day..usually has a beautiful smile and any person would go through hell and back for her..a very nice body but overall shes a very sweet amazing and beautiful girl any man would be lucky to have her...and youd be lucky to even meet a wonderful girl like her.
Is she crying? yeah shes such a lauren
Did you hear about that new girl? Shes such a lauren!
by mikeym93 November 05, 2011

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