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The number of friends one has on Facebook. For those old enough to remember, body count recalls the Vietnam war and the nightly body counts on the news. It is relatively easy for those under 30 to amass several hundred friends. For those of my age bracket, it is impressive to collect one hundred friends.

For many, collecting Facebook friends is really a competition, rather than the gathering of a true circle of friends.
My son has over a thousand Facebook friends. Over the last year, I have searched for grade school through college friends, and personal and professional friends, and my Facebook body count is a miserable 69 friends.
by miker2001 December 29, 2009
A street side parking space that has enough room in advance of the intended spot, so that one can simply glide into the space, without the necessity of parallel parking or jumping the curb (not good for vehicles with CV joints, but done regularly, nevertheless). The more vacant spots in advance of the target spot, the better.
Stoners, the morbidly obese and people over 50, will cruise endlessly for glide in spots. It is rumored that the last glide in parking space in Manhattan was spotted sometime around 1935.

And for the really serious parker, there is the Super Glide In. (Which is a Glide In combined with a Glide Out.)
by miker2001 December 29, 2009
The curb lane of a multi-lane road. So named because drivers crossing the road, are not apt to see vehicles driving down this lane. These drivers are often suckered into making the crossing by innocent drivers in other lanes, who politely wave them through. Everyone is oblivious to the cars sailing down the far right hand lane, who have the right of way.
Of course the insurance company denied his claim. He was making a left turn across three lanes of traffic and could not see the cars whizzing down the curb or coffin lane. The moral is never trust other drivers, when they wave you through. Notice how they were smiling when they waved you through?
The chances are that a turn-pussy knows this from experience, not from driver's ed.
by miker2001 December 27, 2009
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