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A word used in southern california mid 60's early 70's a word/expression meaning of: In full and total agreement of:,to go along with,To:Agree,Concur.
dude#1:Oh man! that car looks like a piece of S#!T! dude#2:I'm hep!(2) dude#1:hey man,I'm thinking about going down to mickey dee's for a quarter pounder you hep?dude#2:I'm hep to it(3)dude#1:Wow!that looks so cool the way everything is arranged dude#2:I'm hep to that!.
by mikel t August 26, 2006
Jewish American Princess: Female of Jewish origin
(1)That "women" is your typical J.A.P.(2)Stop acting like a JAP (3)That J.A.P. would not stop complaining!(4) Face it your the average J.A.P.
by mikel T August 17, 2006
A : masturbateing,jerking-off,B: slacking off from a job,shirking duty
dude#1: Where's bill? dude#2: he's out in the back "twisting the rope!". (2)dude#1:When you 2 assholes are done "twisting your rope" how about getting back to work!3 Looks like someone was "twisting the rope"
when he did this job
by mikel t September 18, 2006
masturbate,jacking off,slacking off,shirking duties
He's out in the back whipping poor rick 2.Will you two stop whipping poor rick and let's get getting something done around here. 3 ahh ha whipping poor rick again ehh?!
by mikel t August 23, 2006
To vomit,puke during or after a meal
1."after earl saw the pictures of his woman in a compromising position around trip meal ticket ensued"2.look there's another round trip meal ticket 3.who did this round trip meal ticket and didn't clean it up?4.1st there were the drinks, then the wine, then the lasagna,then came the round trip meal ticket
by mikel t August 24, 2006

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