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3 definitions by mike mike 23

a sexual encounter with a female involving two or more male participants.
sane you should have been here last night. lil mama came thru and sucked the demons out of everybody. she got down with the woppo doppo.
by MIKE MIKE 23 September 07, 2006
8 12
The act of masterbating so hard that you fall into a coma like sleep when done.
Hey what up sane, where lord at? He just got his bowl of lotion out the microwave and went in the room to chop block his self to sleep.
by mike mike 23 September 07, 2006
4 21
Very ugly girl who tends to only come around late night to provide superb fellatio.
damn lord who ringing the bell this late? response: sane thats shucuntala with her face ass.
by MIKE MIKE 23 September 07, 2006
56 91